Services & Pricing

Coaching is conducting via telephone or Zoom (online video)

Private Coaching

Weekly 45-minute sessions - $200 per month

Clients are encouraged (not required) to commit to three months of coaching for lasting results.

Group Coaching - Healing the Wounded Heart

6 weeks, 90 minute sessions.

Six to 8 per group - $250 one-time investment

A focused coaching/mentoring program for creating meaning out of chaos and going from stuck to unstuck.

Contact me for next group coaching date.

Fran is available for public speaking engagements

Is this you?

You're on the edge of feeling better but a bit disconnected and stuck...or isolated and alone.  You're ready to move forward with your visions and goals, maybe pick up some hobbies you put on the back burner a long time ago...but you don't know where to start.

Well, coaching, of course!  The oxygen mask on the have to take care of yourself first, then you are ready to take care of others and express yourself fully and shamelessly!

I promise you, you will gain clarity - which gives you energy - which sparks your creativity and vision - which creates a roadmap - which results in success on your terms and lead to joyfulness.


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Mission Statement

My mission is to support, encourage and inspire you to live with faith, vision and courage.